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The edge of England

The Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean

“If you have never navigated the Wye, you have seen nothing.”

Wye Valley Gallery 3.jpg

This was the English wild west, where Celts, Romans and kings fought and died. Some, like King Arthur, are the stuff of legend. Anglo Saxon King Offa built his great defensive dyke here. Later still, the Marcher Lords dispensed justice from enormous castles, many of which still stand. The Wye Valley was the birthplace of English tourism. Visit Chepstow Castle and Hereford, with its magnificent cathedral and Mappa Mundi, the largest medieval map of the world.

The magical Forest of Dean supplied the oak for the Elizabethan navy and has also been used as a film set for Star Wars, and Merlin

Wye Valley Gallery 2.jpg
Forest of Dean Gallery 2.jpg


England at its most wild and picturesque, you can easily explore Hereford, Ross on Wye and the Golden Valley from here.



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