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A royal tomb, fairies and Dick Whittington


“For behind the wooden wainscots of all the old houses in Gloucester, there are little mouse staircases and secret trap doors.”

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Towering above Gloucester, the Cathedral is a fitting burial place for a king and looks down on a city steeped in history. Romans, Saxons and Normans have all left their mark. The Domesday book was commissioned here, and the city resisted a civil war siege, down to its last three barrels of gunpowder. Discover why Beatrix Potter wrote The Tailor of Gloucester, how a local medical miracle inspired the story of the legendary pirate Long John Silver and why the world’s most common household cleaning appliance - the vacuum cleaner - should really be called a Booth! Walking tour or part of a longer tour


 Close to Cheltenham, Gloucester is also the gateway to the beautiful Severn Valley.



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