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Scheduled Walks 

See England as it was meant to be seen - on foot


Known as the Queen of the Cotswolds, Painswick may look sleepy, but it's seen its share of action. Legend has it the Devil watches the churchyard, and it was here that the doomed English King Charles I - soon to lose his head - realised his kingdom was lost to Oliver Cromwell. It is even said he is still here! Come with me on a guided tour and hear about the origin of bowls, donkey doors, Puppy Dog Pie and the famous Clypping ceremony. We'll also raise a cup to some of the famous sons and residents of Painswick, one of whom went on to create a beverage empire.


Stroud: Bottoms UP!

Known disparagingly as the Bottoms, Stroud grew to be the textile capital of the Cotswolds. It clothed the Redcoats, supplied trade goods to the Native Americans, and gave the world a place to put its billiard balls. It may even have supplied the cloth for the first US flag! On this guided walk we explore the growth of Stroud from backwater to behemoth and on the way discover the last fatal pistol duel, Blackbeard the Pirate, the Napoleonic hero who almost became a schoolboy statistic and the man who made the suburban weekend.

The tour ends at the Stroud Brewery - where you get a free beer to toast Stroud's most famous son.


Gloucester: History, Myth and Legend

Gloucester, as Dr Foster discovered, is full of hidden surprises. This is where Beatrix Potter got the idea for The Tailor of Gloucester and where Harry Potter discovered that the Chamber of Secrets had been opened. It's where Gandhi got his image, Robert Louis Stevenson found inspiration for his famous pirate Long John Silver and where Humpty Dumpty came to grief. Come with me as we explore the stories - some true, some legend - of this fascinating Cathedral city.

PXL_20210622_160851267 (1).jpg

Cirencester: The Cotswolds Colourful Capital

The Romans made Cirencester their regional capital; Roundheads and Cavaliers fought in the streets; and the Earl of Bathurst created one of England's most influential landscape gardens on the edge of town. Join me for a walk through Cirencester's winding streets where we'll encounter King Arthur, wool barons, rebellion, a king in disguise, the Arts and Crafts Movement and a 500 year old office building.


Regency Cheltenham

Each weekend, join my colleague Sean or I on fascinating and fun walking tours around Cheltenham. 

Choose from:

  • Health and Wealth:  Cheltenham’s medical milestones, from revolutionary vaccinations to recycled teeth. Book HERE

  • Dances, duels and dalliances: take a walk in the footsteps of Jane Austen and the Duke of Wellington. Book HERE

  • How Cheltenham changed our world: some remarkable Cheltonians influenced medicine, sport, aviation, magic, music, bathtime - even science fiction. Book HERE

  • Pittville: pumps, plans and pitfalls: Pittville is a tale of triumph and disaster. Learn of bats, boas and banned servants. Book HERE

Join me for a leisurely 90-minute stroll through  history and folklore. Walks cost £12pp

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